CES is very proud to announce a revolutionary new hybrid Aquatic Education program for managers and operators alike. We are also are happy to announce that we are bringing back our most popular class from the 1980's.

The new CES AquaTech Course, powered by SAI, combines two distinct learning programs in one (Department of Health) DOH-approved class that is Nationally Accredited, so the 5-year certification is good everywhere. It provides DOH-required certification, Continuing Education (CEU) Credits for managers and contractors, and exclusive hands-on training on the key aspects of Aquatic Facility Management.

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Specifically, CES AquaTech is divided into two Sessions:

  • Session 1 - On-line: Interesting and Interactive on-line course. Your employees can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, at home or in the field. According to CES customers, the on-line session was "engaging."
  • Session 2 - Hands-on: Meaningful Hands-On class, in a working pump room & pool deck that covers important aquatic roles and  duties and gives the operators the confidence to operate a safe, first class operation, and evaluate & maintain key equipment.

Interested? Read on.

About CES AquaTech Online Session 1:

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This is not a traditional (or boring) on-line class and is actually very unique. CES customers that have taken this portion have marveled at how the interactive format made the concepts easy to learn and have kept it interesting. It uses click-to-learn and animation to clearly illustrate sometimes complex concepts in a simple easy-to-learn format. Features include:

  • Immediate Results: Sign up today, learn tonight, be a better operator tomorrow.
  • Meaningful on-line self study format that guides you through 12 chapters, section by section
  • User-friendly, non-intimidating format for newer operators
  • Unique step by step interactive, where you click & learn the right way to operate a pool
  • Written by "expert" industry leading operators that have "operated" pools for years, not arm chair operators
  • Full-Color 200-page Textbook and long-term reference manual with diagrams, photos, and help guides
  • Laminated "AquaTech Pool Tool", your poolside quick guide reference, helps eliminate most most needless math work
  • Review and practice questions on each chapter, got it, go on. Need more work? Go back and brush up, all at your own pace.
  • Finished the class? You have use of the on-line session as a reference for one full year.
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Once you have finished all the session, and complete the on-line test, then you are ready for Session 2.

About CES AquaTech Hands-on Session 2:

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This part of the class is also completely unique as it combines one day of hands-on training with short, easy-to-learn sessions on the key aspects of pool operation. This includes:

  • Day-long instructor-led, in-field session at a location near you, in a working equipment room and pool deck
  • Taught by experienced expert commercial operators so you are assured of expert learning
  • Hybrid format: In the classroom, on the pool deck, and in the equipment room
  • Smaller classes and more personalized one-on-one learning potential
  • 2-Hour DOH-required Code training and review. Know the code and stay out of trouble
  • Learn to evaluate your pool deck and equipment for safety and code compliance
  • 10 personalized hands-on learning sections that focus on key pool operations,
  • Bonus Hands-on learning sections that focus on chemical controls, feeder, heater supervision and maintenance
  • Take home reference manual with DOH code, DOH inspection sheet, water balance calculator, operation and maintenance sheets for major equipment, test kit instructions, feeder and controller troubleshooting guides, MSDS sheets, and more.
  • Convenient regional Session 2 at a fully operational filter room and pool deck near you !

Not interested in Certification, how about a "HOOPS" refresher Hands-on Pool School?

In the early 1980's CES popularized our CES Operator Pool School, which was an intruiguing one-day, hands-on session that gave your maintenance staff, lifeguards, and supervisors skills and confidence to help operate a facility on a daily basis. Over the years we  opted for one-to-one training in the equipment room during start ups and service calls, but we need more. With the new CES Aquatech Course we are proud to revive the 1980's class as our modern new HOOPS class. HOOPS stands for Hands On Operator Pool School.

  • Organized in conjunction with the Session 2 CES AquaTech class above 
  • No need to sign up for Session 1, or complete any course work, just come and learn  
  • Take home reference manual with health code & inspection sheets, water balance calculator, operation and maintenance sheets for major equipment, Test kit instructions, feeder and controller troubleshooting guides, MSDS sheets, and more.
  • Many of the materials are available in Spanish or English
  • Can choose to complete the Session 1 On-line class at a later date to become certified.
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About Department of Health (DOH) Approval:

As you might know, the DOH requires all pool operators involved in water quality on a commercial pool to be certified with a DOH-Approved 16-hour accredited class. While you might be able to hide under the umbrella of the license provided by a subcontracted twice a week pool service, that may not be a complete solution or a good idea in today's litigious society. Many feel that you really need your own certification on-site, especially when the purpose of DOH requirement for aquatic education is to have a trained operator making correct safety and water quality decisions on a daily basis. 

The CES AquaTech Course gives you another flexible alternative to comply with this important requirement.

Why not a traditional lecture course:

Traditional AFO and CPO courses are great. We should know. CES has been one of the leading providers of pool operator certifications since 1995, having certified thousands of the leading operators in Florida and the Caribbean. These are two-day classes, total of 16 hours, that we have moved around the region. We are going to continue to provide this highly regarded class for years to come.

However, times have changed and the need for education is greater than ever as safety and liability avoidance are so critical today. Schedules have changed too, and many owners cannot afford the time and expense to send their employees for a traditional 2-day educational class. Finally, many facilities have been able to afford to send one person at a time to the two-day lecture-based course, but now can sign up 3-4 of their operators to the more affordable and flexible hybrid class.

How you sign up !

Signing up is easy. You can Register for the CES AquaTech Course and we will forward your log-in information and textbook right away, so you can start learning immediately.

You can also Sign up for the HOOPS class here, and we will post a schedule of classes in your area. If your facility would like to host a HOOPS class, please let us know, and we will make every attempt to accommodate you.

Most 16-hour DOH certification classes cost around $300-400, and the CES AquaTech Course, despite it unique format and extra reference material is only $349 for the full two-session package.

CES Preferred Customers and those with Preventive Maintenance or ChemPlus programs receive a discounted cost of only $295.

Join our team!

The feedback on this revolutionary new course has been great and we look forward to helping you maintain safer and more efficient facilities by providing more modern, affordable, and on-target education for you and your staff.

With this simple format, there is no need to take a chance that an untrained operator makes a mistake that can cause you, your patrons, or your pool owners time, money, or damages.

With CES AquaTech you can sign up today, learn tonight, and be a better operator tomorrow!

Welcome aboard.