National Series Strainers

Acrylic Viewing Window
F.R.P. Cover, Vent Plug
Stainless Steel Hinged Fastening Hardware
Influent and Effluent Vanstone Flanges
NFS Certified 30 P.S.I.G. & 65 P.S.I.G. Strainers to ANSI/NSF Standard 50
Strainers are constructed of food grade Fiberglass Reinforced Isophthalic or Vinylester Resin (F.R.P.A.) and Stainless Steel material
Nemato National LineTM strainers are totally non-corrosive and have a high gloss gel-coat finish with UV protection. The strainers are designed for working pressures of 30 P.S.I.G. or 65 P.S.I.G. and a vacuum service of 20” of mercury.

All National strainer designs come with integrally molded influent/effluent 2” to 14” vanstone flange connections, F.R.P./clear acrylic cover, hinged lid, fastening hardware and drain/vent plugs. The strainers come in three body diameters (6”, 10”, 16”) with straight or eccentric reducing pipe configurations.

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