Aquas Pool Heater Package

Up to 97% Efficiency
Reduced Pool Heating Costs
Small Footprint
Smart System Operating Control
Condensing Boiler Design with ASME Construction
External Cupro Nickel Heat Exchange
Modulating Burner matches input to demand
Direct Vent/Sealed Combustion isolates heater from contaminated air within pool equipment room
Completely Factory Assembled
Easy to Install
Lochinvar Corporation is pleased to introduce the high efficiency XLP Pool Heater Package. This 97% efficient indirect pool heater is available in five sizes with inputs ranging from 399,000 to 800,000 BTu/Hr.

All XLP Pool Heater Packages are factory piped and assembled with an expansion tank, pressure reducing and automatic fill valve, boiler pump, and salt water rated shell and tube heat exchanger.

This pool heater is a low temperature operating system designed to take advantage of the stainless steel heat exchanger and condensing operating temperatures to ensure the highest efficiency possible.

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Lochinvar AQUAS 400K BTU Commercial Pool Heater
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MS OXN402 Please Call for Price