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New Florida DOH Code went into effect July 20th, What's New !!


For well over 30 years, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) has continually tweaked their 64E-9 Health Code to keep pace with the changing times, and to help provide the safest possible environment for patron and operators alike. By memory, the most dramatic code changes occurred in 1983, 1998, 2004 with tweaks in 2006, 2009, 2012, etc. This 2016 code revision was different altogether, and was initiated after there was an attempt to remove DOH's inspection authority -- a sure disaster for Fla's stellar safety record.

This also was the most collaborative effort ever, with the Florida Public Swimming Pool Coalition being an integral part of the process. The Coalition is made up of members from: the DOH, (BOAF) Building Officials of Florida, and members from the two leading industry groups.... (UPSA) United Pool and Spa Association, and (FSPA) Florida Spa & Pool Association. Let's focus on the pool inspections, as they are the focal point of our relationship with DOH.

What remains the same:

  • The pool inspections are still twice a year, and are carried out by the same DOH inspectors as before,
  • You cannot operate a pool without a valid operating permit,
  • DOH has the authority to close your pool to the public until items are corrected,
  • You must alert DOH when a violation has been abated (corrected), and cannot open until re-inspection occurs.
  • There is a full, updated copy of 64E-9 available for your review.

undefinedSelf inspection has become a valuable tool

What is different.

1. Inspection Report in Two Groups: The 49  items on the NEW DOH Form 920 inspection report remain relatively the same, but they are in two groups. 

The Bolded items include DOH-Centered water chemistry and deck and safety items, including:

  • Water Clarity, Algae Control, Deck/Walkways, Tile Pool Finish
  • Suction Outlets, Lighting, Pool Covers
  • Life Hooks, Life Rings, Safety Lines, Rules Posted
  • Test Kits, Proper Chemical readings, ORP Control Systems on Spas,
  • Water Level Controls, Chemical Feeders, Pumps & Filters, Flow Meters, Thermometers, Gauges, 
  • Chemical Logs, Maintenance Logs, Inspection Posted, etc.

undefinedInoperative Auto-Fill can close your pool !

The Un-Bolded items are still to be inspected by DOH inspectors, and violations will be marked on the form, but will be reported to the local building official. Depending on the severity of these, the DOH may close the pool or rescind the operating permit. Note that these are mostly construction items as required by the Florida Building Code (FBC). These include:

  • Depth Markers, Handrails/Ladders, Step Markings
  • Gutter Grates, No Dive Markings, Diving Boards
  • Pool Side Shower, Chemical Container Labels, 
  • Vacuum Cleaners, DE Separators, Gas Chlorine Equipment, Waste Water,
  • Equipment changes (without prior approval or engineering), Fences/Gates

undefinedIllegal Saline Installation is a LEGAL nightmare !

2. Items Separated into TYPES

  • Type A: DOH and FBC Violations requiring immediate closure until abated. Operator must notify DOH by phone text, email or fax when corrected, should be reinspected by DOH as necessary. Examples of these include:
    • Water Clarity insufficient to see drain, unsafe wet deck, 
    • Three or more depth markers (or "No Diving Markers") missing or illegible
    • Suction outlet (drain cover) non-compliant, or missing/damaged skimmer cover
    • Night Swimming allowed without sufficient lighting
    • Low Chlorine, improper pH, or missing feeder equipment
    • Pump or filter equipment missing or inoperable
  • Type B: Violations requiring abatement within 7 days. Operator must notify DOH when corrected, may be reinspected by DOH at any time. Examples include:
    • Pool water level lower than gutter or skimmer
    • Thermometer on Heated Pool or Spa inoperable or missing.
  • Type C: Violations Requiring abatement within 30 days. Operator must notify DOH when corrected, may be reinspected by DOH at any time. Examples include:
    • Pool appearance (significant debris, scum, or biological growth/algae)
    • Pool or spa pool rules sign not visible or missing
    • Test Kit or Reagent unavailable
    • Cyanuric acid >100 PPM in Pools, or >40 PPM in Spas
    • Required ORP/pH, or water level controller missing or inoperative
    • Flowmeters, gauges, or feeders missing or inoperable
    • Filtration flow rate not within +/- 20%
    • Chemicals Stored in Pump Room
  • Type D: All other DOH violations to be abated by the next routine inspection
  • Type E: FBC Violations to be corrected by July 1 in order to sustain DOH operation permit.

undefinedNew Code Protects you and your patrons !

Pretty interesting, Huh?

What questions are surrounding this transition? Some owners and contractors have expressed their opinions, but with some of these only time will tell ?

  • Will the DOH inspector be more likely to turn in a customer for failed FBC items than they were to close the pool themselves ?
  • How will the hand off between DOH reporting and FBC inspection go?
  • Will the Local building officials even reply to the reports ? We're confident, but some contractors are very skeptical.
  • What is worst, the fact that DOH can close your pool with these violations, or the fact that given this written legal guideline...that any violation can literally make you liable in the event of any issue (you don't really think anyone will call an attorney, do you?)

 The bottom line is that a DOH inspector has the AUTHORITY to close your pool immediately for something as commonplace as missing chemical feeders, bad chemistry, algae, missing equipment, etc.


Many feel that the legislative effort was made to dismantle or minimize the DOH authority, which would have been nothing less than a disaster for our wonderful safety record in Florida.

Thanks to an industry-wide effort, the reasonable authority of the DOH department to assure safety and well being of owners, operators and patrons has been protected. 

Thanks to all members of the Florida Public Swimming Pool Coalition including all DOH, BOAF, UPSA, and FSPA members for going out of their way, and spending countless hours of their own time.... to right a wrong.

Low Chlorine & Bacteria in 80% of pools ?? Nope, we're Standing Up for the GOOD Pool Operations !


Hold on just one second !

Over the past few weeks we have all been barraged by the CDC study, local news coverage of the CDC study, and generally a "Sky is Falling" attitude that indicates that ALL pools stink. Our May 25th post looked at a couple of ways that CES operators can assure that they are under control in-house. But that was not enough!!

Quite frankly, we tired of all the negative press, and feel the need to reply.

We want to stand up for thousands of all the fantastic Municipalities, Water Parks, Hotels, Condos, and Specialty Pools (Swim Schools, Therapeutic Pools, etc) that go above and beyond every single day, to avoid low chlorine, to prevent bacteria, and to make their organizations bullet-proof so that they don't have bad days.

- We monitor their pools 24/7... we KNOW they don't stray from the legal limits. 

- If they have a bad moment, with flow, chemistry, OR filtration... it is only literally for a few moments, and they identify within moments and correct. We know, because we get the same alarms they do, and watch them fix them right away.

- We test their water periodically, they don't have positive bacteria readings, ever !! 

So, what are their "tricks of the trade"? Let us paint a picture of a successful operation and the handful of things that they normally have in common.


  • Keep logs:
    • The successful operation keeps detailed daily chemistry and vital signs logs. Why? Well first it's the law, and as such, if there is any trouble, log-keeping is the first thing the attorneys seem to fixate on, and draw their opinion if your organization is going to be easy prey.
      • Quick tip: Even minor issues can become big ones if you can't prove you are running the pool per the law. Don't have a good log sheet program, your CES rep can provide you with the proper forms that should be filled out and kept.
      • Fact: ALL top notch, bulletproof organizations keep good logs.

undefinedPM helps this pool system run silky smooth.

  • Think ahead:
    • Most successful organizations lay out an annual plan and work the plan... just like any successful business. They generally don't "wait for things to break" and then yell and abuse their vendors to cover up their mess.
      • If you don't have a master plan, don't worry, your CES rep can help.
      • Lay out a plan of what equipment should be serviced when... for example, heaters should be serviced just before heating season, filters and chlorinators before summer, etc.


  • Stay Connected 24/7:
    • Many leading organization have 24/7 control over their mechanical rooms. Imagine the control you have over your destiny if your key people are alerted every time a major parameter is ABOUT to go out of range. An empty acid vat can cause a green pool a few hours later, but a simple alert, can focus your operators to remove little issues before they become big ones.
      • Monitoring programs give you digital minute by minute logs for best protection.
      • CES monitoring programs have no monthly fees, and the info is in real-time, not yesterday's or last week's readings.


  • Check & Balances:
    • Funny, the best organizations have the highest percentage of monthly PM programs. So, the ones than run a really tight ship want a 2nd set of eyes on it every month? Well, we learned that redundancy and checks and balances makes the difference between a 3-Star and a 4 or 5-Star establishment, so even if you invested in the best operators or the most expensive pool service (which most don't) a 2nd set of eyes is sometimes priceless.
      • Quick tip: A periodic CES PMA977 50-Point site assessment, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, can help keep the ship on course, and the costs only $150 per visit.


  • Spend a Little, Save a lot:
    • The better organizations keep a few inexpensive parts laying around, and they seamlessly handle small emergencies, with parts and training from CES. Did you also know that spending a few dollars controlling your stabilizer and phosphate levels can save you thousands a year in chlorination costs!!
      • The popular CES online store is helping customers keep the hard-to-find, valuable parts on hand. We now can pre-load your personal MyCES™ page with ONLY the parts and pieces necessary to keep your facility humming along.
      • Your CES rep can help you set up your spare parts program with the lowest investment. 


A very famous, wise CES customer once told us many years ago... Sonny (he said), either you can run a pool, or it will run you.... and there's a big difference between the two.

So, here's a big hand of applause to all the terrific organizations that we have the pleasure of serving over the past 33 years. Let's not let the sensationalist media tell you that it is unsafe to visit the local water park or swim in the neighborhood pool. Many times it's not.

But do your research and make sure that your favorite swimming hole has it together. 

If they are on an E-Based CES program or have a Q5® logo in their equipment room or lobby.... then you can rest assured that the facility is safe.... because the slightest slip up will be corrected -- quickly and professionally.

Introducing revolutionary new Chlorine Sensor for BECSys 3, 5 and 7 Controllers


The new CP1 sensor provides continuous, reliable, direct reading of Chlorine PPM and works in conjunction with the DOH-required ORP sensor. More affordable than traditional PPM sensors, the CP1 also does not need periodic replacement of membrane and/or gel.


It maintains more accurate Chlorine readings across a wider range of flows and pressures. The new flow cell includes a great new flow switch and the LED package changes color in the event of a flow-related issue.

CES named top ChlorKing Distributor in 2014


ChlorKing LLC is the USA’s leading manufacturer of saline chlorination products and Amalgam UV sterilizers. The ChlorKing Saline systems provide reliable production of chlorine for commercial, institutional and large-scale residential pools.


The NEX-GEN systems manufacture Chlorine out of recycled pool water at costs as low as 47-cents a pound, or up to one-third the cost of normal bleach. ChlorKing Sentry UV sterilizers provide a environmentally friendly non-chlorine solution for removal of chloramines, and inactivation of crypto and other harmful organisms.


Ready for Summer Season? Here's 10 popular trends to help you get ready.


Well, so much for our Tropical version of winter! Just around the corner, here comes a hot, busy, and challenging summer season. 

It's not too late, but with tens of thousands of pool around the US opening up by Memorial Day, most Health Departments, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers get slammed, creating an exponential increase in delivery time. This has made many customers miss their renovation deadlines, so planning ahead is a great idea.

Here's a quick compilation of the 10 quickest and most popular ways to get ready.

#1 Spring Check up:

undefined undefined

If you don't have a good feel for the condition of your aquatic operation or equipment room, we can help! Please contact your CES  sales rep to coordinate a 50-point Site Assessment (PMA 977) on your facility. This will give you a quick recap of your existing operation and help highlight any short, mid, and long-term needs. 

#2 Save Time & Money - Order Online:

In case you missed it, CES launched a great new on-line ordering system that helps you quickly identify those hard-to-find parts you are looking for while taking advantage of your great CES discount! If you haven't already, here's how you sign up. Already signed up? Save an extra 5% on all new orders by simply applying the promo code April2015AM to any on-line order placed this month. Click here to access store.

#3 Education:

undefined undefinedSelect from 4 great training options !

Do you have new staff, or does your existing staff need a refresher course on pool operation or hands-on technical support? CES offers 4 great ways to boost the knowledge and confidence in your in-house operations and maybe even earn CEU Credits while you are at it. Remember the Florida Department of Health 64E-9 code also requires that pool operators be certified with an accredited class and CES is proud to offer two of the most popular alternatives in the market.

  • AFO Certification: This classroom-based 18-credit hour course has been one of the most popular DOH-approved educational courses since CES's first class in 1995. Check out the schedule and feel free to join us. 
  • AquaTech Certification: A great new alternative in education, this hybrid class is flexible and informative. The 1st session is a fully interactive internet-based, learn-at-your own pace course that is getting rave reviews. The 2nd session is a full-day hands on training session with DOH code review and 10 hands on learning stations. More info here.
  • HOOPS Class: The revival of the 1980's CES Hands On Operator Pool School has become an instant hit with operators and managers alike. These provide a full-day hands-on training session that includes a great reference manual, water dosing calculator, etc.
  • One-on-One on-site training: There is nothing like having an experienced CES tech lead you through the operation and maintenance of your equipment room item by item at your convenience, at your pace. 

#4 Preventive Maintenance is the key:

undefined undefinedProactive Maintenance costs less and is better !

Pumps, chlorinators, filters, ozonators, UV systems, and other mechanical devices require annual maintenance and operate in a higher demand (and tougher environment) during the summer season. Many of our customers have discovered that it costs less and is better to proactively maintain equipment than to wait until it breaks. If you don't have these types of systems on a PM program, then now would be a great time to check it out and to schedule your first PM service before the peak season begins. As an added bonus all CES PM customers receive special service rates for all their tech support needs. Please call (800) 940-1557 x2716 for more information.

#5 Clean your pool like never before:

undefined  undefined

CES customers are raving about the newest trend in pool cleaning -- the Enduro-TurboClean. These robotic vacuums clean better than any vacuum we have used before and have one additional benefit....they are the ONLY robotic vacuum that we have found that is fully maintained and repaired on the pool deck. They are available on a maintenance-free ownership program starting at $275 a month depending on the model.

#6 Energy Modernizations:

The secret is out! There are a handful of energy modernizations that consistently have proven to pay their own way out of savings in labor, chemicals, maintenance, and energy. There is still time to implement some of these risk-free upgrades by the time season approaches. Customers are saving thousands of dollars a year in chemicals, water, electricity, and gas. Ask us how.

#7 Time to make your own Chlorine?

undefinedYou can make Chlorine out of Pool Water for less than 50 cents a pound !

There are now 2 great and proven ways to make your own chlorine out of recycled pool water. Yes, that's true. The traditional CES "Chlor" saline generator is currently being used by hundreds of leading companies with 10 years of track record for reliable performance. With this alternative the system maintains a specific saline "mineral pool" feel, while making chlorine at less than 50 cents a pound.

A newer alternative is to implement a skid-mounted NEX-Gen system that makes and stores pH neutral chlorine out of recycled pool water and adds it to the pool on an as needed basis. There is no salt directly to the pool, and the entire process is controlled for simple operation and maintenance. At less than 50 cents a pound of Chlorine, this option also pays its own way out of savings.

#8 Stay in Touch with your pool system:

undefined Enjoy remote Cyber Service with the assistance of your CES Rep !

One of the most popular pool maintenance trends is to take advantage of great advancements in remote control and communications. This has provided many CES customers with 3 distinct benefits.

  • No cost 24/7 remote monitoring and digital log keeping: You can monitor your system 24/7 with no monthly communications charges. You can maintain a running log with years of pool records in as little as 6-second increments, to protect you and your facility from frivolous liability claims.
  • Remote Control of all parameters including Cyber Service: Control your pool from any remote PC or collaborate with CES techs to troubleshoot pool mechanical systems while being able to program hundreds of great new features into your pool or spa operation.
  • Powerful alert notification: In the event of any out-of-range condition the system will text and email up to 8 people, in your desired order, with programmable wait times.

#9 The solution to your pollution:

undefined Your fill water can introduce 2-3 major forms of pollution to your pool !

There are 3 major forms of pollution that affects most swimming pools: organics from fill water and bather wastes, high phosphates that provide food for algae, and metals that accumulate and stain your pool. We have a full line-up of concentrated additives that work quickly to resolve these three forms of pollution. AAD (Amino Acid Digester) helps biodegrade organics, CPR (Concentrated Phosphate Remover) reduces Phosphate levels while using a fraction of our previous formula, and MSI (Metal & Stain Inhibitor) helps remove metals that can potentially stain your pool (the next time you shock or the next time your pH elevates). Learn More about these alternatives. 

Also, best practice dictates that you add fresh water to your pool. How much? It depends on who you ask, but it ranges from 4 gallons per bather to 10 gallons per bather in some foreign codes. Your CES filtration system is designed to operated much more efficiently than that -- at about 2 -2.5 gallons per bather, so if your heavily used pools ends up with bather irritation that is unresolved with additives, you may need to drain a few gallons. Ask your CES rep for assistance.

#10 Hot enough for you?

Without some type of intervention, many pool temperatures will exceed 92F-94F during a typical summer day. Yikes! At those levels Chlorine consumption rises exponentially, bather comfort is diminished, and it has been reported that some patrons may experience the increased urge to urinate. There are 3 major ways to cool a pool down. One is by spraying the water with a waterfall or spray manifold on the pool deck, but DOH has specific rules that limit the ability to build and operate either of these. Another way is to install a "heat/cool" heat pump, which takes the place of a traditional heater. These give you direct control over temperature year-round. The third is to install a chiller or "cooler" system. These look like a traditional building chiller and have shown great results on some installations in warm climates..

Take Control:

The summer months can really throw a  wrench into your operation by stressing out your equipment, your water, and you and your staff. The most successful operations prevent issues by upgrading, improving, anticipating, and preparing themselves and their facilities ahead of time. It is amazing how thinking ahead can save you thousands of dollars and lots of hassles. Don't know how ? You can call on your CES team, and we will share ways to make things run smoother, cleaner, and better..... all for less money.


CES introduces Online Ordering


We are proud to announce that the CES online store is open for business. Consider this a soft-launch to our best customers while we incorporate new sections, finish documentation, and generally work out the kinks.

As you know, we are not a traditional web store, far from it. We are factory reps, master distributors, and a factory service center for some of the most popular treatment equipment in the industry. We have trucks and technicians that have travelled tens of millions of miles in the past 33 years to help you operate and maintain your on-site swimming pool mechanical systems. 

But that doesn't mean that we can't join the online e-commerce fun and help our customers have better documentation and more streamlined access to all the great products that we are fortunate enough to represent, does it? 

Effective immediately you are welcome to join the CES online ordering family. If you have purchased from us within the past two years, please remember to register as a "Current CES Account Holder," as it will replace the standard pricing with your Preferred Discounted Pricing.

This blog post provides more streamlined details for:

  • How to access online ordering
  • Navigating the Sections
  • Parts Details & Descriptions
  • How you sign up
  • How pricing works
  • Call us for assistance 
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Thank-you additional 5% discount promotion


How do you access on-line ordering?

Log on to www.CESWaterQuality.com

You can access Online Ordering from either the Products section or the "Order Online" section. Click on either section to see a listing of most of the products that CES distributes and which we provide on-site technical support.



Navigating the Sections

The navigation bar on the left allows you quick access to the various categories. This includes Pumps, Filters, Chemical Feeders, Aquatic lifts, Controls, Heater & Covers etc. This should help customers that have told us: "Wish we would have known that you distributed that, we would have preferred to work with you".

If you select Chemical delivery, for example, you will see the various sub categories for that section. 



Parts details and descriptions

Once you are on a specific parts page, you will find (most of) the manuals, drawings, explosion drawings or other support documentation for each part. Please let us know if we are missing any data and we will work hard to update the section as soon as possible.

If you select a specific part of interest, you will see pricing (more info on pricing below), but you will also see a listing of the factory authorized parts for that specific feeder, along with (most) photos and pricing. This has been very helpful as it has substantially resolved the dilemma of identifying the correct gear, tube, switch, etc. that goes with each feeder.



How do you sign up?

If you have previously purchased  from CES, and have a credit card or an established credit line, it is best to link your registration to that account so you can order online at your Preferred pricing. Under "My Account" simply register as a new customer, but select  "Current CES Account Holder." The system will alert us and we will link your online ordering account to your CES account within that day. If you're on a deadline and want expedited service, please contact your CES Rep and we will expedite the linking. 

If you like what you see, and would like to join our family, please call (800) 940-1557 send an online inquiry, and we will contact you to explore the best mutual arrangement.

The rest is seamless.



Call us for support:

Our Customer Support Team (WQA), Field Technicians, and in-field Water Quality Managers stand ready to support your operations. From systems engineering, product information, technical support, verifying the right parts or service techniques, etc., we will guide you through the process and make sure that you receive the desired results in a responsive manner. This online ordering program is just another tool to make your Water Quality programs as seamless as possible. 

Call us and we will walk through the sign up. 



How Pricing Works:

Unregistered guests see Standard pricing depending on the manufacturer and the product category. Once you are linked with your CES account, the system will replace the standard pricing with your custom-tailored discounted pricing.

For years we have worked to provide great service with fair pricing. We are not publicly held like Amazon, nor can we lose $200 million on items and shipping in a 3 month period. But then, Amazon is not like us and send technicians to dive headfirst into your sand filter to resolve an issue. 

The long-time arrangement we have had with our customers over the years is that we will stand behind every part and piece that you purchase through us. If there is an issue, we will make every effort to resolve it on-site, and prevent the back and forth that customers have complained about with pools stores or traditional web ordering sources..

Also, if we are assisting you with a water quality issue, for example an algae issue, we will specify specially formulated products that we KNOW will work. We will back them with proven results.

That is our promise to you.


Price Match Guarantee:

As a full service Master Distributor and Service center with a "make it right" attitude, we cannot really compete with internet-based companies that are not interested or capable of supporting what they sell. However, under CES's price match policy, we can meet or beat any legitimate price on an apples to apples basis.

Please contact your CES rep with any questions or comments.


Introductory offer and promo code:

Thanks for being a part of this new service, for helping work out the kinks, and thanks for all the great feedback that you have been offering.

To show our thanks we are offering a special promotion with an additional 5% off your normal discounted pricing. This is a limited offer that is only good through the end of February 2015. 

To access this, please type in promo code B42AM0159 code in the space provided on the shopping cart. The 5% discount will not show up in the initial order (not yet anyway), but will show in the order acknowledgment that you receive the next day. The revised order amount will also show up on your credit card purchases

Also, we reserve the right to make this experience better for you each and every month. Count on the fact the we will be adding items, descriptions, photos, features, and will be adapting your great recommendations.

After all, we are partners in your Water Quality Control.

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